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Ozzy and wife Sharon confirm the news that Ozzy is suffering from Parkinson's Disease.

Ozzy Osbourne announces he has Parkinson’s Disease

Ozzy Osbourne is one of the largest icons in all of heavy metal music. He’s set the stage for almost every heavy metal band that has come after him. Between his time with Black Sabbath, and his own solo career, some call him the Godfather of Heavy Metal. It’s not new news that Ozzy, at […]

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According to a recent interview with David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen is not doing will at all.

Eddie Van Halen supposedly Not Doing Well

This is not good for fans of the band Van Halen, or just fans of rock music in general. According to Van Halen’s original singer, David Lee Roth, the band’s lead guitarist Eddie Van Halen, is ‘not doing well‘. News first hit several months ago that there may have been health issues with Eddie, then […]

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Back from the dead, Ozzy releases new song 'Straight To Hell'. Check out the music video for it below.

Back from the dead, Ozzy releases new song ‘Straight To Hell’

The news of late concerning Ozzy Osbourne was quite shocking for a moment. There was a bout of ‘fake news’ being spread that Ozzy was ‘on his death bed’, and it didn’t sound good. His family though immediately came out and denounced the news. Part of daughter Kelly’s response “Sometimes the media makes me sick!!! […]

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Celebrities begin to donate funds for Battling Australian Bushfires. P!NK, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban just to name a few.

Celebrities begin to donate funds for Battling Australian Bushfires

What is going on right now in Australia with the out of control bushfires is just outright horrendous. Life from all ends of the spectrum are being affected; Plants, Animals, Humans, even the very air they breathe. While support is being offered from many places, we are starting to see celebrities and entertainers beginning to […]

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Watch the video below to see Green Day perform 'When I Come Around' on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest.

Green Day performs Live at New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Watch Here.

This past New Year’s Eve show, NYRE or New Year’s Rockin’ Eve or Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest, was a great one because if you were watching, you got to see the band Green Day perform live. With their new album due out on February 7th, we’re sure to see a […]

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If you look below, you'll find the new Lyric Video for Justin Bieber's new song Yummy.

The New Year brings New Music from Justin Bieber

The song titled ‘Yummy‘ by Justin Bieber was just released and you can listen to the whole song in it’s entirety down below on this page. The 2020 year appears to a big and busy one for the young musical sensation. Not only did he just release the full song for Yummy, but there’s a […]

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Tom Petty daughters Adria and Annakim, and his widow Dana York Petty, have settled their lawsuit over the late musician's estate.

Tom Petty Estate Feud between Widow and Daughters is Over

It became quickly known that after the passing of Tom Petty, there was going to be some sort of an issue between his widow and two daughters over his estate. It began when his daughters Adria and Annakim Violette felt that they did not get their fair share of the rocker’s estate when it was […]

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The music video for Ozzy's Under The Graveyard is a mini-movie of his own life, at the lowest point ever. Check out the video below.

New Emotional Music Video from Ozzy ‘Under The Graveyard’

Ozzy has done it again. Not only is the new song ‘Under The Graveyard‘ a great song, the music video takes us through what probably was the hardest part of Ozzy Osbourne’s life. The video takes place in 1979, and depicts Ozzy as a sex addicted drugger and drinker, partying non-stop; Which is basically the […]

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After being engaged for 8 years, Ace Frehley's estranged girlfriend files for restraining order.

Ace Frehley gets slapped with Restraining Order

It seems as if the relationship between Ace Frehley and his estranged girlfriend has gotten even worse. According to Rachael Gordon, who says she has been in a relationship with the former KISS band member for about 11 (eleven) years, the musician came home without warning after a business trip and barged into the house. […]

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Here's a screen shot of the Instagram post that Mariah Carey made about her and her 3 Guinness World Records.

Mariah Carey accomplishes three Guinness World Records

As if Mariah Carey is not popular enough, the singing sweetheart was just honored with 3 (three) world records from the Guinness World Records organization. The records were given to Mariah Carey due to the longevity and legacy of her song ‘All I Want For Christmas is You‘. It’s the highest-charting holiday song which has […]

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Coldplay performed their new song Everyday Life live on Saturday Night Live on November 2nd, 2019.

Coldplay Releases Music Video for New Song ‘Everyday Life’

Coldplay is back and their latest studio album is set to be released on November 22nd. The new album is called Everyday Life, and one of the songs, which happens to have the same name, was just performed by Coldplay on Saturday Night Live. Initial response from fans for the song Everyday Life can be […]

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Gary Clark Jr never ceases to amaze me. His music video for one of his latest songs, Pearl Cadillac, is a perfect example of why so many people love him. Watch the video and take a listen just below.

Gary Clark Jr releases music video for Pearl Cadillac. Must Listen!

Guitar master Gary Clark Jr. has not only released a new studio album named ‘This Land‘, he recently put out the music video for one of the songs from the album. The song is called ‘Pearl Cadillac‘ and it’s an incredible rock-y blues-y song that is actually a tribute to his mother in the time […]

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KISS Postpones concert due to singer/bassist Gene Simmons requires an immediate medical procedure.

KISS Postpones concert, Gene Simmons needs surgery

The September 14th KISS concert, which was scheduled to take place at USANA Amphitheatre in Salt Lake City Utah, has been postponed to a future date. The make-up date for the show has not been announced yet, but we do know that it was postponed due to lead singer and bassist Gene Simmons requiring an […]

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Ozzy Osbourne, Post Malone and Travis Scott release Take What You Want. Check out the music video for the new tune below.

Ozzy Osbourne, Post Malone and Travis Scott release Take What You Want

Yes, you heard correctly. A collaboration that no one could have predicted has just released a new song called ‘Take What You Want‘. The unexpected trio of Post Malone, Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott just floored music fans with a great new tune. This happens to be the first song that Ozzy has released since […]

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