P!NK Beautiful Trauma Tour continues through 2019

P!NK Beautiful Trauma Tour continues through 2019

Fans of P!NK are ecstatic at the news that her Beautiful Trauma tour will continue on through out the 2019 year. She's one of today's most popular entertainers and her concerts are not to be missed. Secure your P!NK tickets today.

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KISS announces their End of the Road World Tour

KISS announces their End of the Road World Tour

It appears as if this will officially be the last concert tour ever for the glam rock band KISS. They've released multiple statements about 2019 being their last tour ever, and that special guests will include past band members!

KISS Tour & Ticket Info

Bob Seger announces his final tour - Travelin' Man 2019

Bob Seger announces his final tour - Travelin' Man 2019

Classic Rock n Roll fans are in for one final treat from Bob Seger as he lays out plans for his final tour, which is nicknamed Travelin' Man - The Final Tour. The tour is hot and tickets are very hard to get, so get your as soon as you can.

Bob Seger Tour & Ticket Info

It's been a VERY long time (12 years!) since Phil Collins has been on the road on tour, but that is all about to change. Get ready fans because Phil Collins is ON TOUR!

Phil Collins 2018 Tour Dates

Phil who? Oh yeah, Phil Collins! He was originally from the band Genesis but then went solo and had a tremendous career in music. He’s responsible for so many hit songs that it’s not even funny. Both with Genesis and his solo work have given music fans something to really enjoy, and it spanned for […]

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BTS (Bangtan Boys) have exploded in popularity across the globe. If they are performing a concert near you, you may want to check them out.

BTS – Bangtan Boys 2018 Tour Dates

BTS , aka the Bangtan Boys, is a boy band made up of seven members and are from South Korea. They were formed by Big Hit Entertainment. The group began on June 12, 2013 with the song “No More Dream” from their first album “2 Cool 4 Skool”. The boy band won multiple New Artist […]

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Deep Purple & Judas Priest hit the road on tour late in 2018.

Metal & Rock Unite. Deep Purple & Judas Priest Announce Co-Headline Tour

Two rock band legends will unite late this summer when DEEP PURPLE and JUDAS PRIEST head out on a co-headlining North American tour. Produced by Live Nation, the trek will begin August 21 in Cincinnati, Ohio and stop at 25 cities across the U.S. and Canada before ending September 30 in Wheatland, California. Tickets go […]

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Check out some of the wicked cool Iron Maiden / Eddie Masks made by Trick or Treat Studios.

Four New Eddie Masks for Halloween Released by Iron Maiden

If you’re a fan of metal band Iron Maiden, you should be psyched for this year’s Halloween as the band just released 4 new Halloween Eddie masks to the public. The news is out now, but you’ll have to wait until the holiday is a bit closer before you can actually get your hands on […]

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This year is the 50th anniversary of the forming of the band Led Zeppelin. Will the band celebrate by going on tour?

Led Zeppelin turns 50 this year, will there be a Celebration?

To simply answer the above question, we think the answer is ‘No’. According to Robert Plant, the band’s frontman & lead singer, there will be no Led Zeppelin reunion this year, or ever. While most fans would do just about anything to see their favorite rock n roll / blues band perform together (minus John […]

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Dubbed as 'A Sensory Experience Like No Other!', do not miss Evanescence and Lindsey Stirling live in concert.

Evanescence 2018 Tour Dates

It looks like it’s going to be a good year for fans of the band Evanescence. They recently announced their summer 2018 tour plans, aka Synthesis Tour – A Sensory Experience Like No Other!, and it consists of a good sized concert trek with the popular violinist Lindsey Stirling. If you haven’t heard of Evanescence […]

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Hey Metal Fans, don't miss Rob Zombie on tour with Marilyn Manson!

Rob Zombie 2018 Tour Dates

Two rock / metal icons are hitting the road on tour and fans are going crazy. Rob Zombie will be on tour with Marilyn Manson in what is being dubbed “Twins of Evil – The Second Coming Tour“. The metal mania duo will begin touring in North America on July 11th at the DTE Energy […]

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Hopefully Bob Seger will return to the road and continue on his concert tour. Only time will tell.

Will Bob Seger heal enough to go back on the road and tour?

If you’re like most people, then you are a fan of Bob Seger’s music. He’s been around the music scene since 1961 and has built a tremendous fan base. His band’s full name is Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band. Bob Seger is an icon in the music field, especially in the classic rock […]

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Big year for concert goers this year. This trek includes the Steve Miller Band and Peter Frampton.

Steve Miller Band 2018 Tour Dates

Fans of classic rock music should be quite excited about some of the announced concerts this year. One tour that stands out for me is the Steve Miller Band hitting the road, and they are bringing along Peter Frampton. Both performers are huge icons in rock history, and they both have quite a large and […]

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Bruno Mars received 7 Grammys, including Album, Song and Record of the Year. Don't miss him on tour this year!

After crushing the Grammys, Bruno Mars steps out on tour

Back in January were the Grammy Awards and if you missed it, Bruno Mars cleaned up. Bruno Mars took home awards for Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Song of the Year, as well as best R&B Performance, Best R&B Album, Best R&B Song and Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical. This made him […]

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Def Leppard is considering playing their Hysteria album in full on their present concert tour.

Def Leppard ponders playing entire Hysteria album on new tour

As if Def Leppard fans were not excited enough about their 2018 tour plans with Journey, the band now has been overheard in an interview that they may possibly play the entire HYSTERIA album at each of their concerts. it was already confirmed that they were going to be doing this on a handful of […]

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We're not sure how many more opportunities you will have to see these two amazing bands together in one show.

Steely Dan 2018 Tour Dates

While is was a rough year for the clasic mellow Rock band (or jazz rock) Steely Dan because they lost one of of their dear founding fathers, Walter Becker, who was 67 when he passed away back in September 2017. I honestly thought that was the last we would hear from Donald Fagen and Steely […]

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2018 Looks to be shaping up to be a busy year for Justin Timberlake. New album & Tour named The Man of The Woods Tour.

Justin Timberlake 2018 Tour Dates

Justin Timberlake releases plans for 2018 Tour in support of his new album The Man of The Woods.   I was just thinking to myself the other day how it has been a while since we’ve (the public and fans) heard anything new about Justin Timberlake, and then a few days later, BAM, his 2018 […]

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Deacon Frey does a great job of filling Glenn Frey's shoes as a new member of the band the Eagles.

Can Deacon Frey fill his dad’s shoes with the Eagles Band?

I’ve always been a huge fan of the band the Eagles. Unfortunately, when one of the founding members, Glenn Frey, recently passed away, it left a huge hole is so many people’s hearts and it left the future of the Eagles up in the air. Don Henley, the other founding member, hinted that the remaining […]

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Who do you think belongs in the list of top rock guitarists? You can comment below!

Top Ten Rock Guitarists That Ever Existed

Rock music is a beast that many people enjoy. I personally grew up on early rock (50’s, 60’s) and of course followed that same trend all the way up to today, and beyond. While I do like all sorts of other music, the ‘rock music’ genre is definitely my favorite and I honestly believe that […]

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