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Roger Waters of Pink Floyd is so anti-Semitic that American Express just cut off all his tour funding.

Anti-Israel Pink Floyd co-Founder Roger Waters Loses Out on Millions of Dollars along with Fans & Respect

For some stupid reason that we can only explain as ignorance and possibly hate, Roger Waters of the band Pink Floyd has stuck his nose in where it does not belong on quite a serious political subject. While many musicians and entertainers love to play and perform in Israel, Roger Waters is of a different […]

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Don't miss your chance to see Rogers Waters perform some classic Pink Floyd live in concert!

Roger Waters 2017 – 2018 Tour Dates

Pink Floyd fans ecstatic, news hits that Roger Waters will tour in 2017, trek named ‘Us + Them Tour’ : Roger Waters announces 2017 North American tour – Roger Waters announces, what he calls,  spectacular 40+ shows North American tour which he says will consist mostly of older songs. The former Pink Floyd co-founder and frontman is […]

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Roger Waters and David Gilmour played together at the O2 Arena back in 2011. The show was amazing! Watch the video above!

VIDEO FLASHBACK: “Comfortably Numb” by David Gilmour & Roger Waters, Live at O2 Arena

VIDEO FLASHBACK: “Comfortably Numb” by David Gilmour & Roger Waters, Live at O2 Arena   VIDEO OF THE DAY – MUSIC VIDEO – David Gilmour & Roger Waters – Comfortably Numb – Live! 2011                         Need tickets? Search by Artist or Event Name Our […]

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Roger Waters extends The Wall tour dates deep into 2012

Roger Waters has extended the Roger Waters tour dates to go well into 2012. The Wall tour starts in Brazil in the end of March and goes until Mid July where he’s playing in Philadelphia at Citizens Bank Park. We hope our wish comes true that David Gilmour will appear at some of the Roger Waters concerts, but only Time will tell. If your a Pink Floyd fan or Roger Waters fan, this is not a concert tour to miss. Ever since the break up of Pink Floyd, it was said that they would only play together again ‘when pigs fly’, but recently David Gilmour and Roger Waters have played benefit concerts and have surprisingly shown up at each others tour on different concert dates.

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