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Last year alone was a big year for the metal band Iron Maiden. Not only had Bruce Dickinson recently been cleared of cancer, but their latest studio album, The Book of Souls, was released with huge fanfare. Bruce’s voice was as strong as ever and the band sounded tight and loud. Then Iron Maiden hit the road for their World Tour in support of The Book of Souls, and the live shows did NOT disappoint. You would guess that possibly Dickinson may not sound so good live, without computer enhancements, but if you thought that, you were wrong. Bruce Dickinson sounded as if he hasn’t lost a step and the band, as usual, was tight, loud and fast; Exactly what you want out of an Iron Maiden live show.
This year hopes to be no different for IRON MAIDEN as they continue their Book of Souls tour into 2017, and it doesn’t look like they are stopping. The tour will hit up North America in June, and the list of event cities includes Bristow, Philadelphia, Newark, Charlotte, Tampa, Nashville, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Saint Louis, Las Vegas, Oakland, Minneapolis, San Bernadino, Brooklyn, multiple cities in Canada, plus even more.
We have our own IRON MAIDEN tour page set up (or you can visit, which will tell you their latest tour schedule, help you look for tickets, and more. If you’re and Iron Maiden fan, this is going to be another good year.


IRON MAIDEN will be on tour throughout 2017. Don't miss them when they perform at a venue near you!

IRON MAIDEN will be on tour throughout 2017. Don’t miss them when they perform at a venue near you!


[MUSIC VIDEO] – Iron Maiden – Live at Wacken 2016 HD Pro Shot … (Get ready for chills!)

  • If Eternity Should Fail 0:00
  • Speed Of Light 7:45
  • Children Of the Damned 15:21
  • Tears Of the Clown 20:17
  • The Red And The Black 25:15
  • The Trooper 38:18
  • Powerslave 42:20
  • Death Or Glory 49:55
  • The Book Of Souls 58:35
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name 1:09:10
  • Fear Of The Dark 1:17:07
  • Iron Maiden 1:24:47
  • The Number Of The Beast 1:31:44
  • Blood Brothers 1:39:50
  • Wasted Years 1:47:05




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Written by William David