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Ricky Schroeder, the former child star, reveals a bone-chilling incident from his showbiz days as a young child. In a captivating revelation on social media, Ricky Schroeder, once a beloved child star, shared a haunting tale from his early years in the entertainment industry. Schroeder, renowned for his remarkable portrayal as Jon Voight’s young son in the timeless 1979 film “The Champ,” was bestowed with a prestigious Golden Globe award for his outstanding performance, earning the coveted title of “New Star of the Year in a Motion Picture.”




The renowned actor recently took to social media, shedding light on an unsettling incident that transpired during his time as a budding young talent. Schroeder’s account is quite horrifying as it reveals the dark side of the showbiz world by offering a poignant glimpse into the the real world of Hollywood.




The video below (bottom of article) is from the Instagram account of Ricky Schroeder, and it was posted on May 20th of this year (2023). He begins by speaking about a person who seemed quite important in Ricky’s life as he refers to the person as a ‘favorite uncle‘. This uncle of his fought against the Nazis and Germany during the second World War (WWII). The uncle told Ricky about things that he saw and witnessed, and referred to them as ‘dark days‘ and the ‘evil deeds of the Nazis‘. Ricky continued and flowed right into a horrible event which happened to him when he was a young boy. He does not state his exact age at the time but references that it was before he was of driving age.




*Warning* – Below text & video may be disturbing to some **




Schroeder began “I was hanging out with the older guys and somebody popped in a cassette tape into a VHS player.”. He continued that on the screen, he saw “There was a room with a body.”. He explained how he also saw other people in the room that were wearing ‘hoods and robes‘. “They had some sort of ritual where they took out a knife and cut [the body] down the side. They took out parts of him, and blood started flowing and they were chanting. There was women there, and they took off their clothes, and then they took the blood and they smeared it on their bodies and started to be sexual with each other.”




Ricky continues on and explains how the ‘group’ of people he was with gave him the VHS tape to keep. Later on he took it so “somebody I trusted“. This ‘trusted’ person, who he does not specify outright, watched the video and immediately told Ricky “Never watch that again, and give it back to whoever gave it to you.” .. “So I did that,” he said. Schroeder continued “But I was always confused about why they didn’t ask where it came from. And so, I believe that I met some of the cult members when I was younger, and they could be the Illuminati, or tied to them.”.




If you type in Illuminati backwards, it’ll actually take you to the NSA — National Security Agency. (Click for full size)

If you type in Illuminati backwards, it’ll actually take you to the NSA — National Security Agency. (Click for full size)

He added, “If you type in Illuminati backwards, it’ll actually take you to the NSA — National Security Agency.” Schroeder went on, “If, in fact, we have no accountability or justice, it could be because these people who are supposed to bring us justice, and protect and defend the Constitution, are corrupted by this cult, which I believe exists … globally, but it especially has roots in Hollywood and in the environmental cult and in industry and politics.”




He then paused for just a moment, then stated, “I have no fear of them. I only fear Jesus.” He theorized that the nation’s top leaders are “blackmailed by the cult.” He didn’t stop there, “That’s the only explanation I have for why we haven’t had accountability and justice for what they’ve done to America and continue to do to America, while we all just watch. I share this with the hope that those mid-level people that are investigating at the FBI and the CIA will understand that their superiors … will never give us justice because of the level of blackmail involved,” he said.




All right, that’s off my chest. That feels better. Now y’all know.” He finished with, “God bless America, and God bless those that are trying to defeat this cult. .. In Jesus’ name, I give you this message. Amen.”