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There have been many musicians throughout history who have been associated with marijuana use. However, it’s important to note that these associations are based on public perception or reports, and individual experiences ‘behind the scenes’ may vary. Here’s a handful musicians who have been known for smoking lots of weed and releasing some really good songs and music :




Bob Marley : The reggae legend Bob Marley was a vocal advocate for the legalization and use of marijuana. His music often celebrated the herb and its cultural significance.




Snoop Dogg : Snoop Dogg, a prominent rapper and entertainer, has openly embraced cannabis culture and has been associated with marijuana use throughout his career. He has even launched his own line of cannabis products.




Willie Nelson : Willie Nelson, a country music icon, is well-known for his love of marijuana. He has been a long-time advocate for its legalization and has been open about his personal use. It’s rumored that Willie is the only person to ever out-smoke Snoop Dogg.




Cypress Hill : This hip-hop group from California has often incorporated marijuana-related themes in their music and is considered one of the pioneers of mainstream cannabis culture.




Rihanna : While Rihanna is primarily known for her successful music career, she has also been associated with marijuana use. She has publicly shared her support for its legalization and has been seen enjoying it on various occasions.




Wiz Khalifa : Wiz Khalifa is a rapper and singer-songwriter who has been vocal about his love for marijuana. His music often references and celebrates cannabis, and he has even released his own strain of marijuana called “Khalifa Kush.”




Cheech and Chong : Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, a comedy duo, rose to fame in the 1970s with their cannabis-themed comedy routines and movies. They have been regarded as influential figures in the stoner comedy genre. They’re also known for writing some funny songs for their movies such as ‘Mexican Americans’ and ‘Beaners’ (from the movie ‘Cheech and Chongs Next Movie’).