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Openly anti-Semitic Roger Waters (one of Pink Floyd’s original founders) shows his true colors yet again. This time, after questioning the validity of the October 7th terrorist attack on innocent Israelis by Hamas. The Jew hating Roger Waters showed his support for the terrorist group Hamas, and ‘Palestine’, by going to meet Columbian President Gustavo Petro on December 7th, 2023. Just two days before that Waters had performed a concert in the capital city of Columbia.




In the course of the meeting, Roger Waters earnestly implored Petro to spearhead an initiative at the International Court of Justice, seeking unequivocal adherence to the genocide convention and an immediate cessation of the protracted violence plaguing the Gaza Strip. The co-founder of Pink Floyd conveyed to the Colombian president that their shared objective is “to fight for the human rights of everyone in the world.”. Petro, in solemn concurrence, affirmed their accord on this crucial matter. But do not be fooled, these words are false as their true agenda and goals are spoken in their actions. They openly preach for the elimination of Israel, look what happened on October 7th. Both dignitaries (Waters and Petro) solemnly raised the Palestinian flag in solidarity.




The below video clip was shared on Twitter (X) by user ‘Oli London’ (@OliLondonTV). It shows exactly what happened between Roger Waters and Columbian President Gustavo Petro. WATCH BELOW (the article continue below video) :








Even David Gilmour (another major component of Pink Floyd) and his wife, who both knew Roger Waters better than anyone, confirms this. Read this article : ‘Roger Waters Is ‘Anti-Semitic to Rotten Core,’ Says Former Pink Floyd Lyricist Polly Samson — and Her Husband, David Gilmour, Emphatically Agrees”. (Click on text)




So because of all this, let us all take great pleasure in flipping Roger Waters the bird.