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Almost every big name in country music will be extremely busy in 2016.

Country Music Fans Stoked For 2016, It’s Going To Be A Tour-rific Year

It’s my opinion that country music fans are unlike most other fans of other genres of music. When I think of the country music community, not only do I think of it’s great music, but I also associate it with strong family values, respect for others, lots of laughs and good times, the love of […]

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Chris Young and Miranda Lambert caught in a photo together in the beginning of the year.

Chris Young Says It Wasn’t Him Who Broke Up Country Couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

While things seemed alright from the outside, on the inside Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were pretty much living separate lives. They remained married for as long as they could but there was too much strain to hold things together. They didn’t part on bad terms but there were rumors of a possibility of one […]

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